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theboywhowilllive: Do you know why some people hate adverbs so much?


I think it’s because some people find them lazy or redundant. 


  • "I just thought—"
    "Shut up!" she snapped rudely.

The rudely part is implied, not only in snapped but possibly also in the exclamation point and from the context of the dialogue—the second speaker just interrupted the first. In this example, rudely seems redundant.

Another example!

  • "I’m afraid," he said quietly. 

This is unquestionably a style choice, but Said Lovers tend to dislike adverbs after their saids because they think of said as an invisible word, like a point of punctuation. People tend to read over the word said as they would read over the word the or and unless they are emphasized. Since adverbs modify or qualify verbs (as well as adjectives, other adverbs, or word groups), they would tend to add unwanted emphasis.

The other issue with said quietly that you’ll hear is that you could easply find a word that means said quietly. Whispered and murmured both work. The argument there is that said quietly could be said more simply and that when you can simplify, you should. This is a matter of opinion, of course.

For the most part, people tend to limit their hatred of adverbs to -ly adverbs, so that’s some consolation, I guess. They certainly catch the most flack, though you’ve probably noticed I don’t have a problem using them.

We actually have a whole tag devoted to adverbs! I think reading through the posts you find there could really help you out, especially these three:

Thanks for your question!



  • teacher / student; character a is a student is character b’s class. when character a comes in for help after school, character b takes a liking to character a. soon enough, character a starts staying after for character b’s class daily.
  • brother / sister or sister / sister; character a and character b are the inseparable pair of siblings. being close in age helped the two in getting along. their lives seemed quite perfect until, their mother and father passed, leaving character a and b in a state of distraught. character a seemed to take it harder than character b so, character b vowed to never leave their sibling alone.
  • miscarriage; character a and character b have been trying to get pregnant for months. finally, the pregnancy test read positive. the couple was ecstatic so you can just about imagine how heartbreaking it was to find out you were having a miscarriage.
  • whiskey lullaby; character a fell in love with character b (non playable) faster than anyone could ever imagine. everyone believed the duo would get married someday and have children. that was, until, character b decided to end their life. they put a gun to their head and pulled the trigger on one of their many drunken nights. character a was shattered and left completely alone until they meet character c.
  • coffee shop; character a works at the local coffee shop. one day at work, they meet character b. there was an instant connection that could be felt by nearly everyone. character a starts writing cute little messages on character b’s cappuccinos which soon escalates to a heated relationship.
  • locked up; character a and character b have always had one of those weird relationships that left everyone wondering why they were still together. character b literally drove character a to insanity. now, character a is being locked up in a mental asylum in which, character b visits them everyday. every visit results in arguments due to character a believing character b is the reason for their being locked up.
  • fake relationship; character a is a popular, high class celebrity with tons of publicity. character b, on the other hand, is a not so popular celebrity with lots of bad publicity. putting the two together seemed like a great idea.
  • kidnapping; character b is on the run and their only option of possibly getting out free, in their mind, is kidnapping character a. character a is the mayor’s child and is possibly a great chance for a million dollar ransom.
  • she looks so perfect; character a and character b have an adorable relationship. they’re always together and get along better than anyone could ever imagine. so it’s no surprise when the two move in together. their new home together leads to wearing each other’s clothing, little love notes lying around, and lots and lots of sex.
  • disconnected; character b is going through a hard time. being a celebrity isn’t everything they imagined it would be. their only escape is character a.
  • story of my life; character a and character b are going through a rocky road in their relationship. they are constantly fighting and most of their arguments head toward the direction of breaking up. but, character b won’t let character leave that easily.
  • strong; character b is boxer. they fight each and everyday. each and everyday, there’s one person standing ringside. character a. many people say that character a’s their lucky charm.
  • happily; character b fell in love with character a the second they saw them. the only problem is, character a has a special someone already. all character b has to do is get character a to fall for them and turn the spinning rumors into something real.
  • little white lies; character a is a player and character b is their target. character a is constantly playing games with character b and character b doesn’t mind one little bit. they’ll happily play games with character a.
  • better than words; character a and character b met online. they continuously kept talking until finally, they agreed on meeting. when they finally met, they realized that they were both way better than words on a computer screen could ever possibly describe.
  • does he know; character b has a major crush on character a. the only problem being that character a has a special someone. character b knows that character a isn’t happy in their relationship and is constantly doing everything they can to get character a to end the relationship.
  • miss jackson; character a is top priority in the local nightclub. character b has developed an infatuation toward character a but isn’t quite sure how to go about getting character a’s attention.
  • russian roulette; character a moved away from home and became a hitman. they don’t particularly like their job but, they have no other options at this point. when they are ordered to kill character b, they don’t think anything of it. until they find that character b is a friend from back home.

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kozzdraw replied to your photo:for azuradio! [turntable]

I keep looking back to this as I fumble to make a proper nose in zbrush XD

I super duper recommend L’Ecorché and the David Plasters apps if you have access to an ipad or iphone.  Both programs are basically just interactive models, but are really great at pinpointing surface anatomy and form!

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I focus on the basic shapes first, and I find sharp lines best for this (don’t be afraid to exaggerate), like so:



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45 ways to avoid using the word 'very'

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Tattoo by @fruduva