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From personal experience, I know it can be hard coming up with archetypes and things and I came across some generators that (honestly) have been super helpful when i’m stuck in a rut with what I want to write.

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Maybe I should really try to practice writing. Does anyone have a end-all cure for childhood grown anxiety?



rolls up my sleeves i have been SUMMONED



SO it’s Fuckin Late forgive me if this doesnt make sense

After I had my Catastrophic Friend Breakup in 2011 I pretty much stopped writing. Almost completely stopped. For different reasons than you, I’m certain, but the motor had died, the spark was gone, I was sitting there prodding at my limp inspiration and going ???? its been a year can i write again soon please

The biggest, #1 thing I can think of that will get you over this initial hill is enthusiasm. My favorite quote on this:

Zest. Gusto. How rarely one hears these words used. How rarely do we see people living, or for that matter, creating, by them. Yet if I were asked to name the most important items in a writer’s make-up, the things that shape his material and rush him along the road he wants to go. I would only warn him to look to his zest, see to his gusto. (Ray Bradbury)

ENTHUSIASM. Getting so fucking hyped about what you want to write about that you don’t give a single shit about what other people think. THAT SOUNDS HARD. It can be! It really can, and reading your replies to other people I 100% understand if this sounds like dreamer bullshit, but I think it works once you figure out how to swing it.

Enthusiasm is infectious. If your reader can tell real passion was put into what they’re reading, even if it’s not perfect (and it won’t be. Writing’s just like art! IT’S NEVER PERFECT.), they’ll get excited right along with you. I don’t know what the technical term for this is, but it’s absolutely a thing that exists.

And since it’s infectious: I’m going to recommend you two books, the two books that kicked my ass and got me writing again. They are Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott, and Zen in the Art of Writing by Ray Bradbury. Don’t worry, they’re short, but I really truly recommend them. They’re not “how am write” types of books. Zen is a collection of essays Bradbury wrote on the subject of writing throughout his life, and Bird by Bird is a lot of Lamott talking about the emotional/mental side of writing. These are the books that infected me. They were literally instrumental in me picking up my pen again. (I have Zen in pdf format if you want it. I can’t focus on reading things as pdfs but maybe you can)

From my own personal experience? Two years ago I had accepted the fact that while I was pretty good at writing, I would probably never have the patience, stamina, or ideas to write anything resembling a novel. It was such a big project! It seemed impossible.

It’s 2014 and I have written two novel-length stories, which have two MORE novel-length stories coming after that I am completely confident I will finish (fanfiction, but who gives a heck? It’s all writing! ANY WRITING IS GOOD WRITING.), and tens of thousands more words for other projects (both fanfic and original work). And it’s literally all because I got so fucking caught up in one dumb character from a silly video game.


I would not have followed through on really writing again if I hadn’t gotten so stupidly excited about this weird little idea I had about the Pyro and some fireworks. Let me repeat: I wrote 160,000+ words because of a cartoon pyromaniac. Few things are more ridiculous, if you really think about it. But I just loved her. I loved her so much that I couldn’t contain it and it welled up and came GUSHING OUT OF ME LIKE HORRIBLE WEEPING SEWAGE and turned into something I’m really, really proud of.

Obvious Assertation #2: Write for YOU.

Write for YOU, what YOU want to see, HOW you want to see it. And you don’t have to show it to anyone! You don’t have to show it to anyone. You probably have a little sketchbook that you doodle in but wouldn’t necessarily upload to show anyone, right? It’s the same principle.

The more I learn about writing the more like drawing I think that it is. My first drafts are my sketches (IMPORTANT RULE ALERT: ALL FIRST DRAFTS ARE AWFUL.This is true of every. single. writer. Neil Gaiman? Awful. Terry Pratchett, Diana Wynne Jones, David Wong? Rank. Me? DON’T EVEN GET ME STARTED). I can’t expect that sketch to necessarily even resemble the lined, colored and shaded final work (edited, edited, and RE-EDITED final draft). That’s cruel and unusual, but so many people do it! You have to be gentle on yourself, especially when you’re just getting started. You wouldn’t ask a yearling to pull a draft horse’s load, you can’t ask yourself to write a flawless scene, paragraph, or even sentence on the very first try.

Where the hell was I.

Writing for you. Right! The Give No Fucks rule comes back here, which you already know. But it’s really true. Let me list briefly the kind of shit I started writing about when I tried to give no fucks:

- A world populated almost exclusively by gryphons that can’t fly.
- A living city LITERALLY CALLED “Monster City” that houses any kind of fantastic creature I could think of, and some that I couldn’t.
- Something like fucking five or six alternate There Is A Season universes because I cannot fucking get enough of my TIAS characters. Most of these have never seen the light of day because they are MINE they are for ME. This includes Pokemon crossovers because I am in too deep.
- A half-canon, half-bullshitted My Little Pony fantasy adventure narrated by a leggy pegasus who can see the future and doesn’t actually have very many ponies at all.
- Once I wrote Scooby Doo fanfic. That is a real thing that happened.

I am digressing like a bitch, holy shit. Anyway what I was trying to do there is outline the fact that there is no line. You can write anything and someone, somewhere, is going to love it. This is a fact. It’s just a matter of finding them. You can write about pillowings, you can write about birdeer, you can write about a pillowing and a birdeer on an adventure to bring a basket of stardust to Starcrossed. Everything is allowed.

When I was just getting started again what I found really helpful was carrying around a very small, like 3x4”, sketchpad with me (a small notebook works too, I just like to write on unlined paper). I was still in school at the time and having that little notebook with me at all times meant I could write down my writing ideas and thoughts instantly. I consider this a kind of exercise for writers, like gesture sketching.

Something I know Noel does sometimes is she will literally turn off her monitor or cover her screen while writing. There’s nothing wrong with this. I encourage it! The most important thing you can do is allow yourself to put the words down. You cannot edit what is not there, but it’s a rare first draft that is garbage through and through to the point of being unsalvageable.

I am so sorry, it’s 1:30am here and I wanted this to be so much more concise and intelligent than it is hahaha. I hope to God i haven’t scared you off. I saw some people suggesting you treat it like a roleplay and I think that’s really solid advice too. Play is the word here. Play! When I get right down to it a lot of my stories are just more elegant versions of the over-the-top dramas I would play with my pony toys as a kid. (Sometimes less elegant.)




(Corgi!: my advice in this post mostly consists of FUCK THE POLICE
Noel: sounds right)

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Typography Poster Tutorial


One of my favourite types of things to create on photoshop has to be typography posters. I’ll be teaching you to make something like this - 


This tutorial doesn’t follow a specific poster for you to make as the whole idea is to create something unique. I’ll be showing some different techniques and ideas to get you started.

Firstly, you’ll be needing some fonts. Websites to download some great ones are lostype.com, fontsquirrel.com and myfonts.com. Some of my favourite fonts are lobster, sail, carton, crete round, tall films and ranger.

Something to think about is how you want each word to look and which words to accentuate. For example, let’s take this quote from The Hunger Games “I am not pretty. I am not beautiful. I am as radiant as the sun.”  You might want to pay attention to the following words; ‘pretty’, ’beautiful’, ‘radiant’ and ‘sun’. You could make these words bigger and use a particularly bold or ornate font. As well as accentuating certain words, you can clump a few together in the same font, make the size smaller and use quite a plain and simple font in uppercase. Make sure to play around with the ‘kerning’ which is this tool


This is the changing of how much space is between each letter. The minus numbers make the letters closer together and the positive numbers make them further apart. You can type in any value and make them as you like. You may find that your words fit better when you make the gaps bigger or smaller. image

Try not to use too many different cursive or ornate fonts and try sticking to not mixing sans serif and serif fonts in the same piece of work. You don’t have to stick to this but it’s something to keep in mind.

Something else I do to selected words are to create a letterpress effect like this


You can do this by adding in these settings on the layer style (double click the text layer).  Check the following boxes ‘drop shadow’ and ‘inner shadow’ and add in these settings.

first the drop shadow


now the inner shadow


Play around with the size and distance of the inner shadow, as you don’t want the black shadow to overpower the colour of your text. You want it to be subtle.

Another thing to add detail to your text is to duplicate the text layer and change it’s colour to highlight the text like this by moving it a few pixels to the left (make sure this text layer is below the original by dragging the layer down in the layers pallete.


You can also add other things like shapes and borders. This is a link to some banner shapes that create this sort of look


One last important thing – your colour pallete. It can be difficult trying to combine different colours so try this website – color collective for some inspiration. Just copy and paste the colour palettes into photoshop and use the colour picker tool to get the exact colour. 

Note - please do not copy or replicate my typographic posters and have fun creating your own!

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Landscape/Environment Tut


Okay so i got a few notes on how i go about Environments/Landscapes…so i’ll share a method thats easy to work with….bare with me its been a little while since ive drawn them Lol


First thing you want to start of with in your gradient background…use what ever is your preference. Depends on the setting, ima do some type of desert/dusty place.


You’ll learn that the Lasso tool is gonna be your bae when it comes to environments…that and its pretty useful. Now your going to be working in three tones, 1.Dark 2.Mid 3.Light and it will always be the darkest at the front fading to light towards the back…make sense? So you will have three layers for each one to make your life easier and Lock those layers so you will only color within that area. Make sure the dark layer is on top. 



Here is where the fun kicks in…we add our dets, try to stay with each tone and dont end up making it all muddy so you cant distinguish each one. Now you can go about this any way you please, you can paint it all in with one brush ( for some reason people get anal about shit like that, thinking there great for using one brush…i think if you got tools use em if you know how to do it right.) Or you can use custom brushes…since this is a tut ill mostly use custom brushes to slap stuff around. Its up to you really, also use the lasso tool like i said its your bae.


The lasso can help define things better for you, so i wanted to add a structure type on the third layer. If you want to give an effect that the selection ive made is in front of the background right click your selection and invert it, add some lighting around the edges…only a little though you dont want to over do it.


Also if you’ve done something on a layer you dont want to mess up or paint on what you can do is create a clipping mask on that layer. Its kinda like locking the layer to that one so you dont go outside of the layer or ruin what you worked on. Make a new layer above the one you wish to attach it to and right click the newlayer, a menu will pop up, your looking for clipping mask. Once you clicked it the layer should look like what ive circled. 


Once your done working on each layer we are gonna put in some mist effect, this is something that helps separate each section. So make a new layer between each of your three as shown in the image. Like i said you can use what ever method you like, i just use a soft brush or cloud/mist brush to get what i want. 




Now we are going to add some definition to the image a good one to use is Curves. You can find this where your layer menu is, at the bottom you’ll find it, ive circled what your looking for. On the third image is what will appear when you click curves, all you need to do is drag the little square and you’ll see some magic happen. So adjust it to your preference. If you want you can also mess with brightness/contrast too. ALSO i would recommend adding a person in the image, it gives you an idea of the scale your environment is.



I was going to end it there but hey, ill show one last thing…its pretty simple. and that is some water reflection, we are going to turn the middle into water instead cause its a little boring right now. I merged all layers but the first one, you then want to make a selection and copy/paste. Free transform in the shortcut is ctrl T and do a vertical flip on it then adjust so its mirroring the top. 



Now make a clipping mask like i explained earlier on the reflected surface and use the radiant tool…i think its called that lol it gives it more of a water surface like you see. For the image below it i used a custom brush which creates a water effect, aaaaaaaaaand bam you got you water now covering the area…easy huh. 


And so this concludes the Tutorial and you have the end result. Hopefully that gave some tips on how to approach landscapes…they can be confusing sometimes on where to start. Enjoy and let me know if it was useful or not :P

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